See full computer labels in local GTA endpoint tiles / Arrange the tiles

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See full computer labels in local GTA endpoint tiles / Arrange the tiles

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See full computer labels in local GTA endpoint tiles / Arrange the tiles

I have labeled / named each unattended computer with a name that provides identification and context.  So, the names are more than 13 characters long.  Because of how I've chosen to name them, the beginning of many names are the same or similar.  This makes it hard to know "which tile is which?" across the top ribbon.  More space would be good.  Lacking that, a mouse-over ability to show the name would be a great improvement.  Right now, one has to click on the "End Session" "X" in order to see the full name (and then properly "Cancel").  That seems a bit extreme and doesn't help quick looks.

Also, it would be *very* helpful to be able to drag the icons around so they could be placed in some desired order.  This would be helpful when working *between* 2 or 3 workstations or when working on two different sites or companies at the same time - to keep them separate.  The Windows task bar allows moving open apps icons around with drag and place/drop.


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I do the same thing, but just abbreviate . I use a three digit client identifier, space, plus a contact or computer name.

This also takes care of sequencing, since my computers are listed by contact within client.

Information embedded in the computer name is limited but this simple approach effectively satisfies my needs.
Fred Marshall
It's great that you've found a way that works for you.  But you *are* constrained well beyond the space actually provided for naming.
13 characters displayed with no mouse-over is so retro.
Surely not to suggest that better interface capabilites aren't desirable?
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We agree. 
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By the way, search on "Customer" in this forum to see that I have been asking for:
  • Hierarchical end point within customer information
  • A common (or optional) screen combining optional sequencing all customer and end points in context rather than separate company screens
  • Full contact information (company name, phone, contact, email)  within top level company and endpoint level users. This deficiency is ridiculous.
The bad news is that if this ever gets implemented it's unlikely to be well designed.

Perhaps the good news is that that this will probably never rise to the implementation level. Just call me a troll.