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GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.6, b1282) - Desktop apps

GoTo Contributor


  • Improvements to sharing clipboard contents at start of screen sharing session
  • Fix for preventing session lockup in HelpAlert
  • Additional changes and minor improvements

Bug Fixes

Improvements to Sharing Clipboard Contents at Start of Screen Sharing Session

  • To alleviate confusion and provide more clarity for the "Clear Clipboard When ScreenShare Start" portal setting introduced in a previous release, now when screen sharing begins during a session (and the portal setting is set to true), the blank clipboard contents are no longer transferred to the customer automatically, and a message will no longer be displayed within the chat mentioning the clipboard contents.  (GTA-9223)

Fix for Preventing Session Lockup in HelpAlert

  • A fix was implemented to prevent the HelpAlert application from becoming unresponsive on the representative side when the ALT key is pressed 4 or more times with the chat box in focus.  This issue only previously occurred when the representative was hosting a support session from a Windows 10 machine.  (GTA-9176, -9209)

Additional changes and minor improvements:

  • Fix for displaying the "Concurrent Session Ratio", "Total Handle Time", and "Average Handle Time" data within Rep Performance Reports.  (GTA-8928)
  • Fix for displaying all "Portal Name" and "Rep Team" data within the Snapshot Summary Report.  (GTA-9076, -9095)
  • Fix for strengthening our security protocols. (GTA-9011)
  • Fix for replacing support links in the Management Center.  (GTA-9214)
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‎02-27-2018 11:29 AM
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