GoToAssist Service Desk (v155.0) Web App

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GoToAssist Service Desk (v155.0) Web App

LogMeIn Contributor


  • Ability for account admins to delete comments
  • Additional change

What's New?

Ability for Account Admins to Delete Comments

  • In support for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy, account admins are now able to delete comments posted by the technician and/or customer within Incidents, Problems, Changes, Releases, Knowledge Articles, Messages, and Configuration Items to ensure that our customer data complies with this new regulation.  (GTASD-1406)
  • To do so, account admins can log in at and navigate to the following areas to delete comments:
    • Incidents  Discussion Comments
    • Problems - Discussion Comments
    • Changes -  Plan Discussion Comments, Build Progress Notes, Test Plan Comments, and Task Comments
    • Release - Plan Discussion Comments, Test Plan Comments, and Task Comments
    • Knowledge Articles - Article Comments and Task Comments
    • Messages - Comments
    • Configuration Items - Comments


Additional Change:

  • A change was implemented to update the Community link located in the footer throughout all the post-login pages.  Previously, this link pointed to our old Community page, which displayed a "Page not found" message.  (GTASD-1425)