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Rock Creek Solu
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Allow Merging Incidents into a Single Incident

Many of the Incidents I receive are actually duplicates of identical incidents (although they may involve different Customers in the same Company).

For example, I received several tickets on a wireless issue at a company from several Customers. Resolving the wireless issue resolved all of the tickets. Instead of having to respond and enter resolutions for all of the tickets, I would have preferred to merge the tickets into one, and make one response.

I could see this being implemented several ways, perhaps the easiest of which would be to have the system create a "master" incident to which all of the "merged" tickets point. When anything is done on the "master" ticket, the action is communicated to all of the original incident tickets. When the "master" incident is closed, the child incidents would be closed as well.

Optionally, the merged tickets could be replaced by a newly created single ticket (although there may be some database issues in this regard).

Combined with the suggestion I made in a separate "idea," that of allowing multiple Customers to be assigned to a single incident, this would be a very powerful feature.
New Contributor

@VinceMHAW wrote:

Is there an efficient way to merge duplicate customers?  A staff was in the habit of creating a new customer for each incident with the same customer, so we have many duplicates.  Is there a way to quickly merge them or quickly replace one for the other on incidents?  Or do I need to simply clean them up one by one? usps tracking

I also want lean to  quickly merge them . also looking forward on Vince's Question to be replied with solution...

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Just to elaborate, my concern is that if I simply delete the extras, the incidents will no longer have customers attached to them, and will be less useful for tracking a customer's history.

GoTo Moderator

I'm sorry there is no way currenlty to merge separate incidents, however you can link them together as well as close multiple incidents simultaneously if needed. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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