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New Contributor

Can there be more ways to Save while in the New Incident page

I've noticed that while in the Incident Title field, I can press Shift-Enter to Save but this doesn't work while in other fields. Would it be possible to add this functionality to the whole page (or at least some other fields)?

Also, another Save button on the New Incident page (located at the top of the page) would be much appreciated. For some of our users, we won't be putting in much detail and it's kind of tedious to have to scroll to the bottom to click on the Save button.
Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can there be more ways to Save while in the New Incident page

Hi Randy,

Correct, pressing enter while in the title field will submit the form and save the incident. Doing this will also pre-populate the symptom with the title if the symptom was left blank.

We've previously talked internally about adding keyboard shortcuts to the page to allow users who are power users to quickly save. At the moment we're only keeping track of the feature request, I've taken your feedback onboard and added a +1 against that feature request.

Hope this helps,