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Erik Vanderlaan
New Contributor

Can you create Microsoft Teams Intergration the same way you have a slack intergration?

We are using Microsoft Teams, and I saw that you have a Slack integration in Service Desk, through webhooks, can you create the same option for Microsoft Teams. It is almost the same intergration as slack. Teams already has a webhook option. Here is a link to Microsofts Documantation

Kevin Ruschman
Active Contributor

With the way Microsoft is pushing Teams this would be a GREAT way to push the product.

Active Contributor

I second this suggested integration. My business clients seem to be moving to Teams in droves and want this integration.
GoTo Moderator

@RJM  This is a good idea that we will consider for future Service Desk functionality!

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Active Contributor

As an Office 365 MCSE consultant. I can tell you this would be a great app to add as MSFT integrates a large of their current apps into Teams. It is a major focus for their future Microsoft 365 Cloud services adoption. I have been receiving many requests to move orgs to Teams and a way for Tech Services to provide a Help Desk system within Teams.
Active Contributor

Is there any news about this development?