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New Contributor

Customer Portal security

I am curious if there is a way to strengthen the security when accessing  of the customer portal?


 Currently our end users submit tickets via email but I would like to begin using the customer portal as there are some features on there I think the users will find beneficial. 


My concern is that it appears the portal can be easily accessed over the internet.  In addition, the users are not required to create strong passwords to access the portal.  Because of this, Im a bit concerned and hesitant on using it.   


Are there any suggestions or options to help improve security on the customer portal?
Thank you

GoTo Manager

Re: Customer Portal security

Hi @ryaap, welcome to the community.


The last section of this support article explains how the admin can change the password requirements on the customer portal, and this one covers Configuring Self Registration via Active Directory Authentication.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Customer Portal security

Hello @GlennD 


Appreciate the quick response.  I noticed these page as well, and I currently set it to only have certain companies allow to register.  I initially thought this should be the best option as it would restrict the ones that can register to only those of the company (domain).


My main concerns are that, as mentioned, you can get to the portal address from the Internet.  Even though a username and password is needed, there are no requirements to set strong, complex passwords.  So an end user could set something very weak such as '123456'.    


I dont suppose there is a way to have  the address behind our domain is there? 


Thanks again.