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Email Notifications Not Sending

We have one specific user that does not appear to be getting automated emails from the system. I check message trace and the system is not even trying to send a response email to the user. It is simply not there. I checked the user's profile to make sure it had the correct email address and it does...I am at a loss as to why it just would not attempt to send the email to one specific user. 

GoTo Moderator

Hi @jpearson2020 ,

This issue can occur when an email address has denied our communication attempts, for one reason or another.  When we receive too many rejections we stop sending all together to prevent any further aggravation of the recipient or email provider. 


If you contact Customer Support with the affected email spelling, then can check to see if this is the case, and remove that address from our bounce list.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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