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Feature Request - Sort on any column

I think it is great that we can chose which columns are displayed in the dashboards. It is good that we can group on a static subset of them. I would love it if we sort on any column. It sees like it  would be a standard grid function to be able to sort on any column. We can add/subtract columns, change the order but I want to be able to sort on any column in the grid.


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Re: Feature Request - Sort on any column

I totally agree.   With the flexibility of being able to sort by any column just makes it faster to process the tickets.

Still keep the "group by" options so we can still do that.  Then allow sort by any column displayed.  It would be even better if we had the option to "group by" any of the available columns instead of the static list and then allow additional sort capabilities.   If I could group by site name, then sort by service   OR group by service type and sort by site name - we could work more efficiently. 

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Re: Feature Request - Sort on any column

Thanks for your feedback!  This use-case scenario helps us prioritize development needs.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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