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Gotoassist unattended verification code

Currently using GoToAssist version 4.8 Build 1692

When trying to setup unattended access for some of our clients it asks us to verifiy our account. Typically not an issue as we can quickly log into our email and get that code. Recently however we have been getting the verification request on nearly ever computer (mild annoyance). The emails only seem to show up 1 out of every 4 times(major issue) and when we do get a code, they never seem to actually work as far as verifying the account as it asks us to receive a new code to verify. Is there anyway to turn off the verification "feature".  The accounts are secure so any addition verification is just an unpleasent extra step.

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literally made me get a verification code when giving kudos to this... smh

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It seems the reason behind this is to verify sercurity when signing into a new device but GoToAssist is designed fro remote support. So every device will be a new device.

I think a much better alternative would be to make the GoToAssist accounts frequently force a password update(bi weekly/monthly) which would increase security and not have the annoyance of ever single computer needing a verification code.

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Maybe GoToAssist could be configured to issue us a block of approved codes 10 or 20 at a time instead of the way they do it now.  I was not required to get a verification code to add kudos to the original post so I'm not sure why that was required before.


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Thanks for the update and quick reply myaarpmedicare

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