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Live Support Contact iframe - Spam Defence

I've integrated the live support contact iframe into my site. I've been using it as a contact form for a long time so customers can get in touch via my site. I get a lot of genuine comms through it but recently it's been getting a lot of spam.  I don't know if these are bots or human but some kind of captcha or human test would be an idea to stop this.  

Here's the iframe I'm talking about

As mentioned in a previous post, I don't use it for live chat now because there's no automatic 'unavailable status' when browser is closed.

I have considered switching to a different contact form, but given I pay for both service desk and remote support, I like to keep everything under one roof.

Even better would be the ability to use an iframe that allows for service desk to be incorporated into a website and not just a standalone customer portal.