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Optusnet and Yahoo

 I use Microsoft Outlook to send emails. A lot of people you have a Yahoo address do not seem to get my emails......but they get emails from everyone else without issues. I am with Optusnet. So why is this happening? Is it a problem with Yahoo? Optus? some setting?

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Re: Optusnet and Yahoo

Hi @Doonks123


Email services like Yahoo and Hotmail have a Trusted Senders feature and sometimes they will block email until the sender's email address is added to that list. The email will not even go into the person's spam/junk folder, they just won't be delivered.


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Re: Optusnet and Yahoo

Anyone out there with an answer?

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Re: Optusnet and Yahoo

We had a similar situation with a completely different program. The program in question sends out specialized messages to hundreds of clients based on selection criteria. Clients with a specific email provider (not Yahoo) were not receiving our emails. In our case, that email provider had blacklisted us thinking that we were spammers. We contacted the provider and explained what we are doing, and give them our domain info. they whitelisted us and we've been good ever since. Now in our case, like I say, we might be sending to 100+ people at the same time, I'm not sure that's your situation. But as mentioned by another, Yahoo , Hotmail and others have a trusted sender, if your email address is not in your customer's contact list, they may not come through