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Outlook Integration

It would be great if there were some sort of Outlook integration. We get a bunch of direct email requests. It would be great if there were a way to easily convert emails into tickets in the service desk.
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Re: Outlook Integration

Hi David,

Service Desk does have email integration, you can set up a support email address to automatically forward emails to a Service Desk email address to create incidents. For more information, check out this help article:

Does this help?

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Re: Outlook Integration

Extending Email capability would be great for basic remote support too. I'm thinking:

1. An Outlook add in that lets you initiate a new incident as well as create
or reply to an Email invitation from within outlook, something like:

I will need to access your desktop to assist you.
To allow me onto your desktop please click %keylink
If you are asked to save, run or allow installation,
Click run or allow. I will then join you on your desktop

2. An option in the end of session notes to email comments to
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Re: Outlook Integration

As I understand it, all incoming emails will be logged as separate incidents. How would subsequent related email be associated with the original incident as opposed to treated as a separate subsequent separate incident?

Also, can you delete or archive any junk correspondence from the incident list?Some systems treat inbound emails as sacrosanct, inviolable audit trail.

Finally, have you reconsidered providing an outlook addin to create incidents on the fly from within the outlook application.
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Re: Outlook Integration

In other words, conceptually, I'd like to push selected emails only from outlook into service manager, since no set of rules could be "smart" enough to separate the diamonds from the rust.

As I understand it my current options are:

>Getting 70 or 80 contacts to use a diffent email address for support requests
>Changing my MX record to dump all of my email into service manager
>Forward suport related email from outlook to my service manager address

While the third option may be doable, I can think of several potential problems with it. Whats your best practices suggestion?
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Re: Outlook Integration

Hi Felton,

A lot of great points here, let me try and answer them.

All incoming emails are logged as incidents. Subsequent related emails are associated to the original incident by detecting the presence of Service Desk headers in the email, falling back to detecting the "B#" id in the subject line.

When people wish to set up email integration we recommend that people set up "" to auto-forward emails to Service Desk. There are a few benefits in doing this:

  • Incoming emails will initially pass through your spam filters.

  • You'll always have a copy of the original email

  • You can set up forwarding rules / filters to only forward selected emails

We do treat all inbound emails as important and do create / update incidents when we receive them. Service Desk does have Blacklist functionality to prevent spam from being created, you can set this up by going to Configure > Customer Access > Blacklist, where you can add specific email addresses or domains you wish to ignore.

For more information on setting up email integration check out this support article:
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Re: Outlook Integration

An alternative work around. Continue to accept Email through outlook inbox and set up outlook rules to forward emails from (and to?) our support customers to the support system (whitelist)