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New Contributor

Problems with GoToAssit Corporate



All first off sorry if this is the wrong forum I didn't see one for GoToAssit Corporate.

This is the issue and by the way none of are users have local admin rights.


I send the invite for GTA and she clicks on the link and all launches ok.

Then I cans see her screen.

Next I want to "run as  a service"

At this poing the user should see a pop up saying "Do you really want to upgrade go to Assit as a service.." as per


However she never gets the popup and I get the error "GoToAssit Failed to run as a servcie"


How to fix this? how do I re-install GTA?



New Contributor

Re: Problems with GoToAssit Corporate

Bump any chance of some support on this not like my company is paying you guys to support this.. 

GoTo Manager

Re: Problems with GoToAssit Corporate


Do you know anything about the problem PC's operating system and if they had any local security apps set up? 

Is this happening on every connection you attempt?  If so, have you checked with anyone else at your company to see if they're experiencing the same? 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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