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Reporting - All User activity between a date range



Is it possible to get a list of incidents that had activity between two dates? By activity, I mean there was a response by the Service Desk user or by the customer, or that the issue was created, closed or had a status changed between those two dates.


The reason I am looking for this is that we would like our Service Desk users to be able to see any issue they interacted with so that they can fill out their timesheets easier. 

Currently I can only see "Last Responded At", or "Created At" etc. Those values don't allow searching for incidents that had activity between a date range.




GoTo Moderator

I'm sorry, Cd --- I don't know of any way to gather that data separately at this time.  This could be an Idea for later development... 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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