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Search Engine



I have some questions regarding the search function in general.  We had an internal discussion regarding the search engine provided by the service desk. We are using the service desk for a long time and we have thousands of incidents and hundred of articles. So we need to have an efficient way to find a specific incident or article. Or course, as far as possible, we are using the report function, but it is not always the solution for our specifics searches.


Do you know if this is possible at this moment to have these functionalities or if there is a plan to improve and include the followings:

  1. I know that we can use wildcards (*) in our searches, but is there any other characters/tricks that we can use to improve the search function?
  2. Is there a way to exclude words from a search? For example: jaguar speed -car
  3. Is there a way to search for an exact match? For example: "tallest building"
  4. Is there a way to have a search option to only execute the search against the title of the incident/article?
  5. Can we activate a 'fuzzy searching'? For example, an incident where the title would be “Some info misses” would not show up in the result if we would search “information missing”. Search engine seems to only search exact word.
  6. It would also be nice if different weights would be associated to the words in the search. All words seem to “weight” the same in the output result, so in the previous example, “information” should weight more than “missing”, so in the results, all the matches should be about information, so a post with a title like “missing icons” should not show in the search results.  What seems to happen now is that the search output simply shows the output for any of the searched words in no particular order which is no use.
  7. Is there a way to sort the results ourselves? Like by date for example?


If these particular searches are not available, how can I suggest some improvements to perform? Is there a new portal available for the customers to request some improvements?


This is new that I use this discussions. I was used to log some new incidents on a portal, a long time ago, but this not seems to be available anymore? Can we only call the service desk support? Or what is the new way to log incidents to the service desk support?


Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Best regards,


GoTo Contributor

Re: Search Engine

Hi Nancie,


thank you for reaching out! I'm the product manager of Service Desk, recently joined the team here at LogMeIn.

Regarding the feedback sharing portal: for now, it's perfect (and I appreciate it) if you share any feedback or ideas here at the Community portal. We might intrdouce a more targeted portal for this in the future, but we'll let you know if that goes live.


Regarding Search: unfortunately the search capabilities you asked about are not available today. We realized that Search in Service Desk needs major improvements to be effective and to make you more productive hence it is on our radar. We are working on the roadmap of Service Desk, Search improvements is certainly an item on it and your feedback is a great input for that. I will share with you the planned product changes and the roadmap in the near future.

Thanks again for the feedback,


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Re: Search Engine

Hello Mark, thank you for your answer.
I look forward to hear about the planned product changes and the roadmap.
Have a nice day,
Best regards,
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Re: Search Engine

Hello @MarkTth ,

any update on the roadmap, this is becomming a major issue for us.




GoTo Manager

Re: Search Engine

@Patrice_cgs  I apologize for the delay.  We are still working on finalizing the search improvements now.  I expect another update in the coming weeks on when the actual release will be.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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