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Kevin Ruschman
Active Contributor

Service Desk Development

Is GoToAssist Service Desk still being actively developed? In the 3 years that my company has used this I do not recall any features being added. Looking through the community discussion board there are many requests and ideas but none of them have been commented on in a long time. The release notes only show very minimal changes in the last year with no real added functionality. We still don't even have an Android app!

GoTo Moderator

Hi Kevin,

I appreciate your feedbacck here.


Some of the enhacements for ServiceDesk we've released in the last couple years include the Copy Service option, improved Notification Monitoring, and Trigger updates.  I'll bring up some of your previous enhancement ideas again with the team, and if there's one in particular that would be most valuable to your team let us know.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Kevin Ruschman
Active Contributor

Hey @AshC ,


Thanks for your reply. I do appreciate that there have been a few updates in the past few years, although they appear to be small, incremental changes and not functionality development. A few of the items that I know that have been requested frequently are an Android app to match the iOS app and Microsoft Teams integration.


As far as other requests, it's not really tough to find them. Just look at the first page of this forum. Here is one from 2017  ... .

Kevin Ruschman
Active Contributor

Almost 2 months and no follow up. Pretty sure you are making my point.

Kevin Ruschman
Active Contributor