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Trigger to Remove User From Watchlist

Hello Community - Thanks in advance for any help.


We have an email address on our domain set-up to foward to our GoToAssist Service Desk service to create incidents. We did this to help with our transaction to GTASD. Our user's are accustomed to email for support. Now forwards to and an incident is created. This works great most of the time.


In some cases when some sends an email and CC's, it creates an email loop. is added to the watchlist of the incident. GoToAssist updates the ticket and sends an update to the watchlisted users including which creates another update and then another and another.


So, the question is, is there a way to create a trigger to remove from the watchlisted users? Or is there another configuration option that I am missing? 

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Trigger to Remove User From Watchlist

Hi Ron,

I'm afraid I only know of a way to trigger the Addition of Users to the Watchlist, and not the Removal.  We'll let you know if this should change soon though.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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