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Viewing Time Zone in Incident Dashboard

We are a software company and we are using Service Desk to gather our clients' requests for software support. When we are using the Incident Dashboard, we would love to be able to see the Company's time zone which is entered under the Company. Our hierarchy is that our clients are all Companies and then each Company has Customers. When an incident is entered by a Customer, there is a Company attached to them. We have clients all around the world and need to know what time zone they are in prior to assisting them so that we are calling upon them when they are actually in their offices. Being able to view the time zone of the Company from the Incident Dashboard would give us that information without having to open up each incident and then opening up the company.
Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Viewing Time Zone in Incident Dashboard

Hi Shonna,

This is a good idea, and one we've got on the product roadmap. We are planning to allow users to customize the columns they see on their dashboard around the middle of the year, once we've done that you'll be able expose additional incident information such as the time zone, customer and company information.

Thanks for the feedback 🙂