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service desk display settings - what fields displayed, what order, etc

Hi there, 


it would be really nice if it were possible to have specific settings at the user profile level instead of local to the computer/ page. 


What I mean is this:

When I go into my service desk on a new computer I have to change the settings to show what fields I want to display about the tickets, remove the fields that I don't need.  I have to move the fields around in the order that i want them.  When I change the display to only show the tickets for a specific service, I have to change the settings again.   When I move to another computer, work from home, work from a tablet, I have to change everything again and again.  We have about 15 different services and to have to go through all those settings for each service on every computer that I happen to use, is quite time consuming. I never know what computer I could be using when I am traveling.  If I borrow a laptop from our loaner bank, the settings are removed when i return it.