Can we get Push-to-Talk added as an option?

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Can we get Push-to-Talk added as an option?

Can we get Push-to-Talk added as an option?

Participants may be in a noisy environment. The lack of push to talk creates extra hassle of constantly having to mute, then unmute with the mouse control (even when participants are wearing headphones). Push to talk would solve this. All VoIP users should be able to assign their own PTT hotkey. When pressed it unmutes the mic, and when released, mutes it again.

Many voice chat programs like Ventrillo, Teamspeak, and Mumble, have PTT. This would be a valuable option for GoToMeeting, Webinar, and Training.

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agree. we are a business subscriber, and my execs are asking why we don't just switch to zoom since they believe this feature to be essential.

Agreed. PTT is a conspicuously missing feature in 2020. Please add it to GTM!!!!!
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I agree with everyone else on this thread that push to talk is a feature that really has become standard in the market and despite lots of feedback from clients (us) GTM is still lacking it.  What's the status of this GTM team?

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At this juncture, I agree it is better, and several of our users who have GTM licenses are asking to switch over.  Honestly though if GTM would listen to their customer community and implement a few of these long standing feature requests they could get some significant wins with seemingly minimal effort.  Are you listening LogMeIn/GoToMeeting?

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bump, very useful

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Absolutely. Although my company is very Citrix-forward, there are so many other solutions on the market that it's easy for users to compare GTM to other meeting products that they have used. PTT is among several features that GTM is lacking that is commonplace in other products.