Change messaging "This Meeting is Full"

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Change messaging "This Meeting is Full"

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Change messaging "This Meeting is Full"

The Full Meeting to Organizers popup informs the presenter that people can't log in, which isn't something the presenter can do anything about at that time.  And it's in the middle of the screen, even when the gotomeeting window is minimized, which is pretty annoying, especially because it come up every time an attempt to join is made.

Have it show then the gotomeeting window is showing, if you have to, but not when minimized. Instead of the Full Meeting message, have a post-meeting summary where it notes that X people tried to joing and couldn't because of the subscriptions size.

LogMeIn Manager


I've changed this to an Idea so it can be considered for a future update. When the message first appears you should see a "do not show this again" option that will disable it for the rest of that meeting.



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OK, that makes sense. The problem is that we often set things up for another presenter, and the goal is to have gotomeeting running "invisibly" in the background, so the presenter can just run their own presentation as usual and not have to play around with the software. We want to be able to netcast it and archive it, but we don't want the presenter to have to pay attention to it.