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Lighter recordings

Lighter recordings

The ability to record the meetings on the cloud is great.

However it would be great to have the option to chose the type and quality of the cloud recordings.

Today the mp4 video recordings have a really huge size, around 3-4 GB for 1 hour !

What would be great, and I think not so difficult to implement:

- to have the ability to download only the mp3 audio recordings of the meetings, besides the mp4 video recordings

- to have the ability to chose a medium quality video recording, around 1GB max for 1 hour, for instance, or even lower.

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Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator
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Status update: This feature is not currently planned to be included in our roadmap for this year. We will continue to keep the Idea open for comments and kudos. Your suggestions and support are highly appreciated, and we encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts and ideas with us.

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Status changed to: Declined