Maximize meeting Control Panel when sharing second monitor

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Maximize meeting Control Panel when sharing second monitor

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Maximize meeting Control Panel when sharing second monitor

Hello - I tried searching some different phrases but didn't see an answer to my question:


Is there any way to maximize the meeting window on one monitor while sharing the other monitor?


If I do not share, I can maximize the meeting window and have usable camera views of my participants.  However, if I share my second monitor to show a graphic, the meeting window automatically jams itself down to sidebar size, even though it is not on the shared monitor.  With any more than about 4 participants, the thumbnails get so tiny as to be useless.


I have dual 27" monitors and it seems stupid to have the meeting crammed down into a little 3" wide strip when I have the whole rest of the first monitor available for use.  I spent some time poking around settings and options and found no way to stop this from happening automatically.  It happens whether sharing the second monitor or a specific application.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

GoTo Moderator

Hi Duke,

Have you tried sharing an individual application window instead of the entire second monitor?  This can sometimes allow GoToMeeting to remain in the foreground and avoid the minimization attempt.


Hi, Ash - thanks for your input.

Yes, I did try sharing a specific application, but that had the same result.

I'm starting to believe that "this is a feature not a bug" but I do wish it was different.