Meeting history for "attended" meetings?

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Meeting history for "attended" meetings?

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Meeting history for "attended" meetings?

I host meetings and the meeting history is great! But I often attend other persons meetings but I don't have history of attending those meetings. Yes, I have them in my Outlook calendar but I don't have the duration or exact time I entered/left the meeting. I attend meetings with the same credentials I host meetings. Having attended meeting history is very important for consultant billing purposes. Maybe there is something buried my Event Viewer but hoping for a GTM solution. Any ideas?

Lani Trotter
New Member
This is a HUGE need for consultants who bill clients. Most meetings now days are held online and hours need to be tracked regardless of who the host was. Anyone find a soluiton yet?
New Member
The best solution I have so far is to only use my cell phone for audio and then dial into the GTM session phone number. My Outlook has the day and start time and the unique phone number. Then I use my cell phone call log to lookup the duration of that call. I have a DroidX but use my own Cell Phone app. But if GTM would include "attended history" that would save me time and hassle.
Don Lombard
New Member
Just chatted with GoToMeeting support...

Q: Can I get meeting duration as an attendee ?

Nicole O. (08:12:52):
Good morning, Currently only the organizer that hosted it would have access to that information I am very sorry.

Don Lombard (08:13:26):
Are there any plans to do that for attendees ?

Don Lombard (08:13:53):
We have the meeting ID and start time.

Nicole O. (08:14:25):
At this time there are no plan to give attendees access to the reports for an organizer I am very sorry. Their reports and session history is the only place that information gets stored.

Don Lombard (08:15:46):
For people that charge customers by time this would be a good idea to look into. I will have to pay more attention to the clock when I am in meetings I guess. Thanks

Nicole O. (08:16:58):
not a problem at all, thank you for your suggestion. I can see where that type of use would cause concern. I will share it with our developers team and see if it is something they can add. Have a great day thank you for contacting us today!
Troy Lawson
New Member
This is disappointing considering that even Skype(which has screen sharing and similar meeting features) shows this history information.  GoToMeeting is below the curve with this capability, hopefully this will changes very soon.
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To be complaient to ISO 9001Standard we need a record for trainings we have done with Go To Meeting. For example we have trained a new proccess and we need to have a record about who has attended and the confirmation that they have understand the changes and that they will implement the changes. Thank you. Ralph
LogMeIn Manager
Hi Ralph, if you sign into your GoToMeeting account on the website and click on Meeting History, you can then see each of the attendees that joined your meetings as well as the times they joined and left the meeting session. You would need to follow up with them directly in order to get confirmation that they understood the meeting content.

Geraldine Manga
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How can I track the attendees of my Go to Meeting?