Request keyboard / mouse control in new GoTo app

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Request keyboard / mouse control in new GoTo app

Request keyboard / mouse control in new GoTo app

I used the new fangled desktop app experience with a customer for the first time today. I was frustrated to find that the ability to request guest screen share and guest mouse control from the contextual menu next to the guest's name was absent. I wasted a lot of time in the meeting as a result! I spoke to tech support who told me this functionality is coming but is not yet available in the new app.

I don't recall this reduced functionality being made clear upfront anywhere and I don't recall being given a warning.

LogMeIn - please make these limitations more clear to avoid frustration and wasted time.



Active Contributor

Having the ability to release keyboard and mouse control would be highly beneficial.

I find myself at times needing to take keyboard and mouse control to assist with a task for a short period of time. Then afterwards I have to be careful to not move my mouse over that screen or I risk interrupting what other users are actively working on.

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Status changed to: Accepted

@pmaddern thanks for your idea. We have received this feedback from others. It should be available in the new app experience soon. 

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I need the ability to give remote control to an attendee who is on the web version of the app. I was told that it is not yet available and there is no estimated timeframe. This is crucial to me to use the app.

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@Harriet welcome to the Community! I moved your post here, we are aware that our customers are waiting for this feature and will update this thread as soon as it's available. 

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Status changed to: Delivered

Requesting Remote Control for mouse and keyboard is now available for all!


Please read all about it here