Sending files / file sharing during the broadcast

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Sending files / file sharing during the broadcast

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Sending files / file sharing during the broadcast

Frequently, during the meeting we would like to share files to respective team member. It would be nice if Gotomeeting has this feature. Our current workaround is to make someone presenter just to show one file and take control back but it is not the right way,

Mitch Alves
New Member
I'm leaving go to meeting to webex because of this....
Jordan Hume
New Member
Wow, that's funny Mitch, I was literally just dealing with a Client over GoTo Meeting and was complaining that this feature STILL isn't implemented yet... He couldn't beleive it either (he said he usually uses WebEx and it has been there as long as he can remember). It's 2014... Virtually EVERY OTHER product I've used like this has this feature, it is fundamental. Furthermore, to answer Dan's question again, every time I've used the Chat feature to paste text (like when I had the client today send me a small snippet of a script we were working on together, maybe about 30 or 40 sparsely populated lines) it cuts off the text. So apparently, not only is there no copy/paste feature, there is also a limit on how many lines it handle at a time... It doesn't even send it in two chat messages like a text message does when its too big. It just cuts off the remainder of the pasted text and you have to find where in your copied text it got cut off at (not always easy when copy/pasting code) and copy/paste from there. At that point the client or I just give up and email it to each other. It is ludicrous that this oh-so-basic feature is still absent. It is even more ludicrous that the GoTo meeting personnel can't seem to grasp why it is important? I mean, to ask under what circumstances we would need this feature is weird. "Well, under the circumstance where we need to cut and paste text. That circumstance..."
Jordan Hume
New Member
Glenn, to answer your 4 month old question (sorry), I do lots of things, but mostly they consist of remoting into a client's environment via GoTo meeting, working on anywhere between 1 and 10 servers/workstations to configure/train/install/repair a software product that is deployed in dozens of different methods and configurations, and chatting with and/or training the clients' 1 to 25 employees who are on the meeting with me.

So although GoTo Assist sounds like it has this feature, it has a lot features we really just don't need. I need a meeting environment to do this with, not a direct support tool.

I mean, compared to other meeting products, there are lots of things I like better about GoTo meeting, most of those things center around usability/ease of use, but copy/paste is a BIG miss. I would gladly use WebEx if it was an option to me at my current employer just to have this feature. Despite the WebEx interface being a little clunkier, I'm sure I'd get used to it over time, but I can NEVER get used to not having a Cut/Paste feature...
New Member
Thanks for the info guys! We didn't even know about WebEx. Made the switch today!
New Contributor
Glenn Dobson,

Two years ago you wrote: "Sorry, I understand that is not what you are asking for, just wanted to be clear about what is available currently. I'm not aware of plans to add this ability currently so I am going to change this topic to an Idea."

Is this still topic still an "idea"?

We'd appreciate some feedback.

LogMeIn Manager
Hi, at this time there is no change of status for this Idea. We are currently focusing on moving our entire customer base to our new software platform. This will improve our ability to develop new features and improve the existing ones, so this undertaking has been given the highest priority. Once this process is complete we will be able to reevaluate our list of feature requests and planned improvements, and prioritize accordingly. 

As soon as this Idea is planned, i will update the status and you will be notified automatically. 
Daniel Justa
New Member
Currently, GotoMeeting does not work well for me, as I work in IT Security and need to copy and paste debug output from customers workstations quickly and repeatedly. Also I copy and paste large amounts of text that may not fit in the chat window.
GotoAssist works fine for me, although it takes longer to get customers in a session as the takes longer than
Mark Gorrin
New Member
My company is moving away from GoToMeeting going to a competitive product just so that we can get this feature. We do tech support and regularly have to transmit files. The lack of this feature is losing the company money and GoToMeeting is losing money by people opting to go someplace else.
New Contributor
I can't think of a product other than this one that doesn't have cut and paste.
New Member
This is a great idea.