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Share rectangle on Windows suggestions

Share rectangle on Windows suggestions

Dear GTM,


The new "rectangle" screen share feature is critical to all users with large monitors and is essential to make it out of "the Lab" soon and become a mainstream feature.


It has a few minor flaws that I see, as a heavy user.  Please consider the following enhancement requests.  if you do these, you will be better than zooms feature, which is already a steady feature.  


1.  Please remember where I put it last.  It is a huge pain to keep moving it from the upper left of my wide monitor to the place I need it.  Wherever I put it on my monitor, that should be the default position next time I choose to use it, until I choose to move it again.


2.  Please make it easier to place the mouse on the "move" inner green section.  it is very thin and quite aggravating at times to get my mouse to land "precisely" on that spot.  Consider something much more user friendly like a well-defined box that is bigger than a pinhead that disappears after you use it, but appears again as you approach the green inner rim.  anything is better than trying to play "precision mouse-tip bingo".  Also, the outer box used to resize could also use an equivalent enhancement for the same reason.  A little design fancy footwork goes a long way in making this feature loved by all large-screen users.


3.  As I stretch and shrink the "rectangle" box, I would like to know the exact size of the box in pixels.  and it would be nice if I could simply pick, from a menu, a bunch of standard sizes.  like 1024x768 or even 4k.  get it?  cant I just say "this is the size I want" from a list of common size and bingo.  do I have to stretch and guess every time?  I know the size of the monitor I am projecting to.  please make it easy for me to select my recipient's monitor size (I know their size because I ask them!)


Tell me what you think?




Glenn "Sleepdoc"

GoTo Manager

Thanks for the feedback, Glenn.  We'll be sure to share the use case with product development for enhancement consideration.

New Contributor
Is this rectangle screen share still available? When I enable the labs feature, I am not given an option to select a rectangle in the screen share options
GoTo Moderator
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