View speaker notes in PowerPoint when using one monitor

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View speaker notes in PowerPoint when using one monitor

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View speaker notes in PowerPoint when using one monitor

When using PowerPoint, if you have multiple monitors, you can designate a monitor to view your speaker notes, and the other one (geared for the audience) would only see the slide deck. With only one monitor, you cannot view your speaker notes. I would like to think that if I am presenting a gotomeeting, there are multiple monitors involved. It would be a great patch if the gotomeeting module counted as a virtual monitor so I could designate my monitor shows the speaker notes while the audience only saw the presentation. I know, I can print the notes or view them on another device... I am just saying, this addition to gotomeeting would be very convenient.

Arthur Braunste
New Member
Yes, this is a good idea. The workaround is a non-answer. It is a pain to use two monitors when it is obvious that the speaker should be able to see his notes, plus the next slide, from the main screen, without displaying them to his audience. 
GoTo Manager


Since the notes are part of the PowerPoint window itself, the only way to share just the slide portion would be to use our Labs feature which is available for PCs:


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We have found that another solution if you are working with PowerPoint slide decks on a single-screen system is to set Powerpoint to Specific Applicatin Sharing:

  1. Open Powerpoint
  2. Click Slideshow
  3. Select Set up Show
  4. Select Browsed by an individual (window)
  5. Use the Specific Application Sharing screen sharing method in GoTo to share just the PowerPoint application

 Once activated, this functionality should allow you to open PPT Slideshows in windowed-mode instead of full screen.  GoToMeeting can then share that window only with the Attendees in order to allow the viewing of PPT Notes, or the use of other desktop applications simultaneously.

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this solution did not work for me
Retired GoTo Contributor

Sorry @tloepfe ,

What environment were you working in?  Were there any specific errors or display issues while you were broadcasting?

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You can record or create video in the presenter view with just one PC monitor using screen recording.  Refer to the folloiwng Youtube video for more detailed explanation;

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Sadly this Workaround does not work anymore. A blank white page is shown to the student when i am using speaker view. A week ago it worked fine 😞


Macbook Pro Catalina 

Office 365

GotoMeeting 10.11.1

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Dear GTM,


The new "rectangle" screen share feature is critical to all users with large monitors and is essential to make it out of "the Lab" soon and become a mainstream feature.


It has a few minor flaws that I see, as a heavy user.  Please consider the following enhancement requests.  if you do these, you will be better than zooms feature, which is already a steady feature.  


1.  Please remember where I put it last.  It is a huge pain to keep moving it from the upper left of my wide monitor to the place I need it.  Wherever I put it on my monitor, that should be the default position next time I choose to use it, until I choose to move it again.


2.  Please make it easier to place the mouse on the "move" inner green section.  it is very thin and quite aggravating at times to get my mouse to land "precisely" on that spot.  Consider something much more user friendly like a well-defined box that is bigger than a pinhead that disappears after you use it, but appears again as you approach the green inner rim.  anything is better than trying to play "precision mouse-tip bingo".  Also, the outer box used to resize could also use an equivalent enhancement for the same reason.  A little design fancy footwork goes a long way in making this feature loved by all large-screen users.


3.  As I stretch and shrink the "rectangle" box, I would like to know the exact size of the box in pixels.  and it would be nice if I could simply pick, from a menu, a bunch of standard sizes.  like 1024x768 or even 4k.  get it?  cant I just say "this is the size I want" from a list of common size and bingo.  do I have to stretch and guess every time?  I know the size of the monitor I am projecting to.  please make it easy for me to select my recipient's monitor size (I know their size because I ask them!)


Tell me what you think?




Glenn "Sleepdoc"

Retired GoTo Contributor

Thanks for the feedback, Glenn.  We'll be sure to share the use case with product development for enhancement consideration.

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Yeah, same here.