"Radio" buttons to quickly switch between previously shared windows

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"Radio" buttons to quickly switch between previously shared windows

"Radio" buttons to quickly switch between previously shared windows

I often have to join meetings using other meeting products so I am somewhat familiar with common features. Of course, GoToMeeting is my strong preference because of the rectangle sharing feature which makes it easy to switch between the many windows I share on my large, 4k screen. I often have to show Word requirements docs, Mockups, PDFs and various browser tabs which I drag into the rectangle.


You already have my +1 to remember the last rectangle size/location.


My suggestion is this:

Rather than me drag apps into the rectangle, I could place them around the each of my main screens.


1. Every time I share a window, add a side "tab" to your control panel to represent that window.

2. When I want to go back to a previously shared window, I just click the small tab that was created the first time that window was shared.

3. I suggest to show the app's icon in the tab and hovering would show the window title so I know I'm about to switch to the correct instance of PDF or Word etc.


Now I can see all windows AND quickly switch between the ones I am using in this meeting.

I may even pre-load these windows/tabs before attendees join the meeting.


Future - you can grow into this over time if proven popular:

1.  Pre-define my favorites and make the available tabs as default meeting setting. If the referenced app is not running then disable that tab until it is running. (Or double-click or ctrl-click would launch that app)

2. Eventually have meeting profiles of defined tab groups for different types of meetings to share different types of windows.


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@bquintrell  Thanks for the great use-case scenarios! 

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This scenario is already covered by the application sharing feature in GoTo Meeting.