tool bar size (minimize)

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tool bar size (minimize)

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tool bar size (minimize)

Are there plans to allow the presenter to shrink the tool bar to an icon or hide it?

We use a graphics based software with many tool icons for meetings. These are obscured by the oversized GoToMeeting tool bar. I am constantly having to move it around out the way. If it could be minimized and reinstated with a shortcut, it would be much easier to use.

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator

@MoldCam  welcome to the GoTo Community. I moved your post to the idea section where others can kudo and comment.  There are updates coming that will let customers have some control over which buttons are displayed in the toolbar by default, which will help with size, there should also be the option to dock the bar vertically. We will keep the Community updated as improvements become available.

GoTo Manager
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @MoldCam, we have added some options to reduce the size of the tool bar when you are using the flexible layout. Additional options are being investigated .