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Re: GTM Error - "Technical Difficulties"

@AdrianC1  I have downgraded your company's GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar software versions.

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Re: GTM Error - "Technical Difficulties"

wonderful. I just uninstalled and reinstalled again. Now it works.

I was uninstalling\reinstalling all morning and it wasn't getting anywhere. This downgrade worked right away.

Does this mean all other users in the company will also be downgraded, even if their computer worked with the newer version?
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Re: GTM Error - "Technical Difficulties"

I am having the same problem  --  Windows 10 PC   Technical difficulties  Ash, is there a way that I can get an older version as well?   

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Re: GTM Error - "Technical Difficulties"

@AdrianC1 Yes, I set your account to the same build, so that anyone under that company would be using V8.38 (not 8.39).  There's another upgrade arriving in the coming weeks, so this will only be temporary.


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Re: GTM Error - "Technical Difficulties"

@DRLulko  Yes, if this problem is affecting you, click on my community name in order to privately confirm your Organizer login email from the affected account.


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Re: Failed to start client application

about three weeks ago my GoToMeeting application started failing to load.  there was no large change in my system.  there was no specific update or change to our network.  The application just stopped working.


I have uninstalled the application several times and even went so far as to search the windows registry and remove any remaining references to the GoTo and LogMeIn platforms. None of these procedures solved the issue.


At the moment the only way I can run my ongoing meetings is to use the webapp page and even there the connection drops and audio is unpredictable.

Below is the message given when it fails:


There are several others in our project management group who are experiencing a similar problem.  2-3 of our group out in our Phoenix office are having it.

What more information can I provide that will be useful to you ?


Here is info from several Windows Log/Application errors:

Fault bucket , type 0
Event Name: PCA2
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: g2mstart.exe
P3: GoToMeeting
P4: GoToMeeting
P5: LogMeIn, Inc.
P6: 100
P7: 1

Attached files:

These files may be available here:

Analysis symbol:
Rechecking for solution: 0
Report Id: 5c87b0f1-ee48-4fc8-b2fe-871b1e442c20
Report Status: 285212680
Hashed bucket:


Outlook disabled the following add-in(s):


ProgID: GoToMeetingOutlookCalendarPlugin
GUID: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
Name: GoToMeeting Outlook Calendar Plug-in
Description: This plug-in enables you to seamlessly schedule GoToMeeting sessions from within your Outlook appointments.
Load Behavior: 3
Threshold Time (Milliseconds): 1000
Time Taken (Milliseconds): 3125
Disable Reason: This add-in caused Outlook to start slowly.
Policy Exception (Allow List): 0


my email at work is

cel: 404-229-7414


thank you,

Joe Perkins

VDC Manager

Gilbane Building Company

New Contributor

Re: GTM Error - "Technical Difficulties"

Date of Saturday the 2nd of March. Have same problems that I see on posts about error of exper tech diff. I am trying to join a webinar on my personal computer at home.

Can you provide some more details?

  • Do you use a PC or a Mac?
  • PC
  • What version of the operating system does it run?
  • Win10Pro
  • Personal or company computer?
  • Personal or company network? 
  • personal
  • Do you see any error messages displayed if you try to use the desktop software?
  • Crome, same error with Edge

Have run connection wizard whom stated network is ok. Please assist.


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Re: GTM Error - "Technical Difficulties"

Well, things were working for me, but today I had a scheduled meeting, and once again the Windows app would not start.  Is it possible my orgnaization's account got "re-upgraded"? Could we please be downgraded again so we have a working version of GoToMeeting? Thanks.

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Re: GTM Error - "Technical Difficulties"

Same issue happening to me now AGAIN this week - GTM is failing to launch with the same message as previous:


GTM Technical Difficulties.JPG


The downgrade last week seemed to resolve the issue and allowed Windows Updates that were previously failing to complete. If our corporate account has been upgraded please downgrade it again ASAP as this is not significantly interfering with our ability to remotely present technical details to our clients.

Active Contributor

Re: GTM Error - "Technical Difficulties"

Same.   Please downgrade us again.  Our users are reporting the update to current version has once cratered the service.