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New Contributor

Mic Issues

I have a user that cannot use her mic in GoToMeeting.  Testing the mic before joining a meeting shows a red bar for the audio level indicator.  I have tried several different headsets/mics and all of them have the same issue.  I have also reinstalled the audio drivers. There are no mic issues using Teams or other apps. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Mic Issues

@Kraqi  It definitely sounds like it's not your headset causing the audio lapse.  Do you know of any other applications that may be using the audio feed while GoToMeeting is in session? 

Do you hear audio out of the speakers from GoToMeeting presenters?

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Mic Issues

I do not think there was anything else using the mic at the time but I will have to check.


I was able to hear audio during my testing.  That portion appears to be working correctly.