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O365 plugin is "blank" when adding to meeting



The O365 plugin will open a blank/empty sidebar when clicking the GoToMeeting icon for select users in my organization. This does not happen all the time but seems to occur without warning. This continues after restarts of Outlook and the computer, and the plugin will randomly begin functioning properly without any obvious intervention. Then at another point in time it will go blank again.


What can be done to keep this from happening? 




Thank you!

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Re: O365 plugin is "blank" when adding to meeting

Hi @CABryant ,

Do you know if the affected machines are being rebooted regularly when the blank GoToMeeting invite occurs?


The only way we can track down where the problem would be to gather some log files from an affected PC right after it happens.  If you can help us document the problem environment through a Customer Support case we may be able to help further:


Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: O365 plugin is "blank" when adding to meeting

Hi, @AshC. Yes, they are rebooted regularly and one was even put through a complete rebuild by our IT group prior to this issue.


I will pass this on to the affected individuals and see if they can log the problem as it occurs.


Thanks for your guidance!