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Problem with Camera not recognized

I am running Windows 10 fully current and accessing GoToMeeting via the current app. My webcam hardware is a Lenovo. It works fine with whatever software comes with it, and GTM recognizes it. However I prefer to use freeware YouCam9 which allows me to zoom and thereby reduce the field of vision. The problem is that when I start YouCam9, zoom to where I want it, then launch GTM the preview screen shows no picture. This has worked no problem in the past, but time passes and things change. Any idea how to get GTM to see the feed from YouCam9?


By the way, when I look at cameras in the Windows Device Manager I only see the Lenovo webcam. Should I see a virtual camera for YouCam9 as well? 

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Problem with Camera not recognized

Hi @Swegnson 

Although we don't support virtual inputs (GoToMeeting is looking for a USB input), you may be able to trick the GoTo software by using a third party app like ManyCam to send the YouCam feed through.  


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Re: Problem with Camera not recognized

The YouCam feed used to go through with no issue.