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Problem with recorded video

My problem is in the following:
I recorded 4 hours meeting.
I cliked the button to convert it and soon after it crashed. I needed to restart my PC, so when I went again ond GTM Hub to convert it again, my recorded video wasn't there.
I have all my recorded videos on Hub, but there wasn't my last one.
What happened?
Thank you in advance.
Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Problem with recorded video

@Majcek Sorry about that!


You should still have the original recording files somewhere on your HD.  If you can make a copy of those separately, we can then try a software patch on the GoToMeeting installation, followed by a re-conversion attempt. 


In this case, I can email you the new patch if you can confirm an address that will be able to receive the file attachment:  Click my Community Name in order to private confirm the email spelling.

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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