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New Contributor

Recordings EXPIRED after 12 months NO NOTICE

After 20 minutes with tech support it was determined that the reason for my missing recordings and broken links was due to a 12 month expiration window on your system. I do not recall ever seeing a notice that anything I record must eventually be downloaded or they will expire in 12 months. I am a national trainer and it is now discovered that ALL users across our platform no longer have access to the training review links they have received. Likewise, I must now re-do a year's worth of work and recordings that were created for our online curriculum.  This one thing will now cost me months to re-create and recover from.  I am distraught over this. Is there any way your backups might be able to recover a handful of my most valuable recordings?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Recordings EXPIRED after 12 months NO NOTICE

Hi Stacy,

I am sorry for any disconnect there.


To be clear, your recordings won't expire, but your Meeting History definitely recycles after 12 months.  If you still have the original share link, this will remain active indefinitely (I haven't heard any plans to change this behavior).