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Shared screen blurry at 100% scale

When another user shares their desktop I have found a problem when I use 100% scale and their desktop is smaller than my window.  GotoMeeting tries to center their desktop in my window.  Sometimes I notice their text is blurry when my local GotoMeeting window is maximized to my desktop.  If I drag the corner of my window by exactly 1 pixel up and 1 pixel left or right, I can get the remote screen to render correctly.  It appears that GotoMeeting's scaling engine will take a perfect pixel-for-pixel image and offset it by one half pixel.  Then render everything blurry.  I think this should be an easy thing to fix. Below you will see 2 screenshots I took of GotoMeeting rendering the remote screen share.  The first image is the original and blurry.  The second image show how clear it gets when I simply move the corner of my window by 1 pixel in the X and Y directions.


Rendered correctly.PNG

I'm running GotoMeeting 10.16.0 on a Windows 10 PC.  This problem has been seen for many months, so it predates the current software version. 

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Re: Shared screen blurry at 100% scale

@ki162 Can you tell us what size display your PC is utilizing, and what settings that display is currently using? 

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Re: Shared screen blurry at 100% scale

I'm using a 1920x1080 monitor with the GotoMeeting windows maximized (the Windows task bar still shows at the bottom).  The screen being shared is probably from a laptop at 1366x768. I can check on that to be sure.