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Sharing recording with specific people

When I try to setup "share with specific people" while trying to share a  recording, I enter their email address. The copy link does not illuminate. I watched the help video, they do it also and state that the share link only illuminates if you Share with everyone".


If I share with  specific people, how do i get them a link, or share the video with the specific person if the copy link button does not illuminate?

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Re: Sharing recording with specific people

I found it. After typing  in the email address for the party you want to have access, you need to hit enter. It then puts the email address in a list above the entry box and the copy link button lights up.


The help video says after you enter the email address the button doesnt light up and the video goes on to expalin let everyone view it.  It never  goes back and shows  you  need  to hit the ENTER key to put the  email in  a list of viewers that can view it and that causes the link button to light up. 


In the help video :


At 3:00 the presenter says  - there is a copy link at the bottom, it is currently greyed out. It is only available with the sharing  the content with everyone.


This is wrong. Totally. After entering the email you need to hit the ENTER key, this puts the email into a list above the dialog box where you put the email address in. After hitting ENTER the copy link at the bottom lights up.


And now you can share that link with just the people you have put there email address into the dialog box.  When they click on the link, the fill in there email, it sends them a confirmation code through  email, they enter the confirmation code and they  get access to the recording.


He missed hitting the ENTER key, just as I did. That is when I watched the video and saw him do the same thing  I did. I then posted this support message. After messing with it some more I found  out you need  to hit the ENTER key after filling in the email address.


The video should be updated as it doesnt give correct info. The video is  wrong.



Not everyone can attend meetings when they are held. After a meeting has been recorded, the organizer or co-organizer can elect to share the meeting video, transcript, notes, and session info. They can also decide if the meeting is shared with anyone who has the link or a specified person. If you
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Re: Sharing recording with specific people

@icauto thanks for sharing the video and your experience. It's good to hear you found a resolution. 


I appreciate the additional context, particularly regarding the need to press the "Enter" key and apologize for any confusion you may have encountered. This is an older video and as mentioned in the comments it's likely to be updated for different reasons. 

Thanks again for sharing your experience. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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