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Unable to create a new meeting



We have some issues creating a new meeting.  When we initiate the process of creating a new meeting, we have "the meeting is starting" and then just the spinning wheel. The process do not finalize properly, and we have an error as "the connection failed, please check your internet connection and try again"


1 - We modified our firewall rule so this particular desktop can reach the internet wihtout any filtering or proxies. We have the same behaviour of an non-ending process. 


2 - we tested the connection using the g2mconnectionwizard.exe application and all seems fine. non error reported.


3 - If a new meeting is initiated using an external connection, so out of our public IP range, it is working fine. then a computer inside our network can join the meeting without any issue. 


Question: what could block the process of initiating a new meeting from an internal desktop ? Do you have any IP filtering process on your side ? It just stopped working recently (one or two days ago) without beeing triggered by any firewall or desktop OS modification or updates.


Thank you for the answer. Have a great day




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Unable to create a new meeting


It sounds like some of our IPs are being blocked, but not all.  We do not have an IP filtering process for customers, so you would want to reach out to your firewall provider referencing our entire list of IP ranges for LMI services: