GoToMeeting Desktop App (v8.39.3, b11748) Release Notes

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GoToMeeting Desktop App (v8.39.3, b11748) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor

Users can enjoy an array of improvements and bug fixes! Read on about using keyboard shortcuts while in a session, discovering new features, and more.



  • Removal of Whiteboard for Mac
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Windows
  • New entry for unnamed attendee in Mac Attendee list
  • Improvements to Keyboard and Mouse permissions on Mac
  • New "Meeting Lock" and "Presenter" discover windows
  • Bug fixes and minor changes

What's New?

Removal of Whiteboard for Mac

  • Whiteboard for Mac has been discontinued based on its current overall usage. Users can expect a smaller desktop app file and faster session connections. 

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

  • Windows users can now use keyboard shortcuts to take different action (mute others, switch audio modes, etc.). Learn more

New Entry for Unnamed Attendee in Mac Attendee List

  • When an attendee joins a meeting and hasn't entered a name, they will be displayed in the Mac Attendee list as "Waiting for name". Previously, they did not appear in the Mac Control Panel. 

Improvements to Keyboard and Mouse Permissions on Mac

  • Mac users running macOS Mojave (10.14) will now be prompted with the "Allow GoToMeeting to use accessibility features?" window once they attempt to give keyboard and mouse control to another participant. To apply changes, users will need to restart the application and can do so without leaving the meeting. Previously, they were prompted with the permissions window once they launched the GoToMeeting desktop app. endpoint8390_mac_accessibility.png

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes:

New "Meeting Lock" and "Presenter Swap" Discover Windows

  • After a meeting ends, organizers will see a "Meeting Lock" or "Presenter Swap" window to increase new feature discoverability. Pop-up windows will rotate every 2nd session and will be discontinued when organizers see it 3 times or if they click "Discover Meeting Lock" or "Enable" once. endpoint8390_newfeatures.png

Additional fixes and minor changes:

  • Fix for the Attendee List scrolling in the opposite direction 
  • Fix for two of the same GoToMeeting desktop applications living in some Mac Applications folders 
  • Fix for users seeing a "Connection failure" message rather than an "Organizer has ended the meeting" message when they attempted to join a locked meeting that had ended 
  • Fix for Mac users experiencing their screen being shared after they had paused and switch to another desktop or space
  • Fix for the "Sign in" window not scaling accordingly to the screen resolution
  • Fix for attendees seeing a "Start or pause sharing you screen (only enabled when you are the presenter)" message while in a session with open presenter role 
  • Fix for some Mac users intermittently experiencing the app crashing whey they attempted to access their online recordings through the Preferences window
  • Fix for Mac users running OS X Mavericks (10.9) unable to invite attendees by dialing out 
  • Users can now access the Welcome Mat and join a meeting without being signed in or being prompted with the Sign In window 
  • The Mac desktop app file size has been reduced
  • Mac users who do not host their own sessions (i.e., organizers) will have the default GoToMeeting version in their Applications folder 
  • Cosmetic improvement to the "Report audio issues" window 
  • Platform and engine upgrades have been made, including the following: 
    • Audio engine upgrade to v2.0.1_1
    • Platform upgrade to 18.11
    • Video Engine upgrade to v2.21
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