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PC keyboard to Mac running GTMP to a PC - issues


When I run GTMP on my MacBook Pro (client) to connect to my office PC running Win10Pro with Office 2016 (host),  it's quite hard to use the MacBook Pro keyboard to do things on my office PC or in its Word 2016.  I am badly hampered by the lack of a "full" keyboard (with number pad on the right) on the MacBook, and the usual keyboard shortcuts just don't work.  I am a big and very fast user of keyboard shortcuts, especially in Word and Outlook.


So I have connected a standard wired Dell "full" keyboard to my MacBook Pro (with a small dongle to connect the keyboard's USB plug to the MacBook's Thunderbird socket), on first connection the MacBook asked me some questions about the keyboard, and now it's all working MUCH better!!  I am typing this with that Dell keyboard on the MacBook Pro connected via GTMP to my office PC which is now connected to this forum via its Firefox browser.


HOWEVER - a few tiny glitches so far:

  1. On the Dell keyboard, CTRL + right or left arrow does NOT move the cursor on the remote PC forward or back a word.  Either nothing happens or the entire display on my MacBook Pro moves left or right to shows me the Mac desktop (and will move back to the GTMP display if I hit the other arrow).  HOWEVER, Ctrl+Shift+left or right arrow on the Dell keyboard DOES move the remote cursor forward or back a word but with selecting the entire move (as it should).
  2. The GTMP display on the MacBook updates slowly with notable lags (while the display on the remote PC updates normally fast).
  3. CAPS LOCK works but Num Lock (for the number pad) is always on and does not toggle (but that's OK because I ALWAYS have Num Lock on anyway).

Any ideas about those issues?


Also, while the full normal Dell keyboard is doing a great job for me, and it's not heavy, it's also not what we think of as "portable".  What would be a portable version of this very standard full keyboard WITH A SIMILAR STANDARD LAYOUT FOR ITS KEYS? 


(If you've ever seen the movie "Brazil", you'll appreciate my setup.)  Thanks.


GoTo Moderator

Re: PC keyboard to Mac running GTMP to a PC - issues

Hi @glnzglnz , 


Nice to see you around. I can try to help you out with your inquiries: 


  1. Please be aware that shortcuts on PC/Mac operate differently, which is probably causing issues with the keyboard shortcuts as highlighted in this article.
  2. I'm sharing the report of a lag with the team, thanks for your report
  3. Concerning keyboards, any Bluetooth keyboard is compatible. You may want to purchase a separate USB or Bluetooth number pad and connect it to the Mac. I'll leave it open for the Community to suggest any brands. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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