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Poll server IPs keep resetting

We have GotoMyPC on some firewalled medical devices.  The firewall prevents DNS, so we have to use the hosts file to configure GoToMyPC.

Back in January there was  a loss of connectivity related to changing IP addresses of the Poll servers.  This has reared it head again this week.  I have configured all 3 server IPs (2x 23.239.x.y and the older 216.115.x.y) in the hosts file.  I am finding this week that I can only connect if the registry is also configured to have the 'older' 216.115.x.y address.  But the problem is that once a terminal is connected to the service (with no user remoting in) the registry updates itself and removes the 216.115 address - which then disconnects the system! should I configure the hosts/registry, and is it possible to stop the registry from getting altered?  i heard that LogMeIn are retiring the 216 IP address, but how can they if the 'new' ones don't work for all users?


Any help greatly appreciated!

GoTo Moderator

Re: Poll server IPs keep resetting



You heard it right that we have retired 216. XXXX IP. Now you should be noticing two new IP's which is working until and unless you have firewall block on those ones. I would suggest you let the registry be updated, and make sure that the two IP's aren't getting blocked anywhere in your network. Our goal is to eventually have one IP from the two you see published in registry currently. 

These changes are to support better stability to remote sessions. Please DM me host logs and your registered username if despite of having the two IPs unblocked you face issue with remote sessions.