Additional Branding and Theme options

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Additional Branding and Theme options

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Additional Branding and Theme options

Branding and themes. We would like to be able to customize the follow-up emails and materials pages in Goto Training. We host several webcasts for our clients therefore would like add logos specific to each group. When a participant receives the follow-up email we want them to see a branding email consistent with our other firm communications.

I'm told this is possible in Goto Webinar and was disappointed to find that it is not possible in Goto Training.

Can you make this feature possible?

Kyle Hjelmeseth
New Member
Are any customizable features coming to GTT's landing pages / other static stops for registrants and participants? 

Many websites that talk about how to increase registration to attendance conversion site strong landing pages, but I've found a lack of customization with GTT. GTW / GTM have great abilities in this area, and it would be nice to see some feature enhancements ala Unbounce.
New Member
Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the feedback. I think you are touching on a really interesting point. Do you have some time next week to have a chat? I would love to talk about your experience with G2T and ideas.

Please let know. 

~Bharat (
Kyle Hjelmeseth
New Member
Sure! Let me know how we need to connect, and I'll gladly put aside the time.
Lori Smith3
New Member
We really want this too!
New Member
Totally agree, especially the follow-up emails.
This coincides with a thread I recently posted concerning that matter.
(I think if you search the archives there are a couple of similar posts ... so there really seems to be demand for more options in that area.)
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