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7 Hour Timeout for Session Host

Is there some legitimate reason the product is now enforcing a 7-hour timeout on sessions for the session host?  Ever since a recent update the session software will simply close for me the presenter precisely 7 hours after the session is started (no message about the session ending), even if I am sharing my screen and in the middle of presenting.  Session was created for 8 hours of time initially and it is rather annoying to be kicked off after 7 (right on the dot), some sessions do actually last longer than 7 hours in the real world...really! 


Version 0.104.9, this seemed to have started about 2-3 weeks ago.  Everyone else remains in the session just fine, as the instructor/presenter/organizer I am the only one that is kicked off and then can rejoin and continue.  Most recent training ID where this occurred: 995-156-988.  I can provide plenty more.

GoTo Moderator

Re: 7 Hour Timeout for Session Host

Hi @ShadowPeak1 welcome to the Community, thanks for checking us out.  I don't know of a situation where the presenter would be removed from the meeting and there is not a 7-hour timeout. This is not the experience you should be having. We have asked our team for further insight, but you may also want to try contacting customer support and they will review your account. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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