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Certificates woefully ignored by GTT

I have posted this recently, and notice same requests going back to this as far back as 2016!!!!! and no action or even reply from Gototraining  PLEASE COMMUNITY CAN YOU COMMENT IF YOU HAVE SAME VIEWS AND GOTOTRAINING ATLEAST REPLY PLEASE. 


Please, please can you let us brand our own certificates. 
I have requested this many time and no reply.
1. . Crucially it does not pull through the length of time attended which is why they need them in the first place and
2. It does not fit in with our branding - colours and own log
3. The email to the trainer has a copy of the follow up email, which we include links  to feedback. They apppear as hyper links in the email copy to trainer, but crucially, the follow up email which goes to the delegate, does not view them as hyperlinks, ie so they have to copy and past the links to complete feedback or google review, as additional step.
Support have confirmed this is the case but community postings do not do anything. I am pulling my hair out on this. What next please? 

GoTo Manager

Re: Certificates woefully ignored by GTT

Hi @EMurphyInfTrg,


I know that we plan to improve Certificates but when that will happen ultimately it comes down to prioritization over other development work. Community posts and Ideas do have an influence, I report on them every month, but you are correct others do need to add their votes and support if they feel Certificates are a higher priority than enhancing Polls, Tests, Breakout rooms, etc.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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