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More Issues with new GTT experience

We made a report about 2 - 3 weeks ago, and since then many of many of our staff members  have dealt with issues with the new GTT.


1. GTT Training Sessions – not starting

Within the last two days (June 20 & 21), one of my colleagues has tried to start two different training sessions and they won’t start. Previously, she’s had no issues with starting training sessions.


2. Camera’s Unavailable

This morning (June 21) our team was having a meeting and cameras were unavailable.


3. Remote Control Access –

Since the old remote access functionality as been taken away, our work around has been to make our attendees the presenter and then direct them to the People icon>[Trainer Name]>Give Remote Control. However, we’ve had several instances where the presenter does not have the “give remote control” button/option at all.


The first time this happen, we thought maybe it was an user error (ie. They weren’t following our instructions so couldn’t find the options), but it’s happened several times since then, with different trainers and different attendees, and with screen sharing on, our staff have confirmed the option is not there at all, even though the person is the Presenter.


As we’ve mentioned before, please consider adding a “Request Remote Control” option back into the GTT training session. We understand there is a need for privacy but it would be nice if an option could be added where the trainer could click a button on their screen that says “Request Remote Control” and then a pop up could display on the attendee’s machine where they could either accept or decline the request.  We’d appreciate it if GTT would consider adding a feature like this in a future update because the way it currently is, is not ideal. Our attendees aren’t as familiar with GTT as our trainers are, so talking them through that whole process takes away from valuable training time and in some cases, leads to the attendee feeling extremely frustrated.  


4. Slowness

Sometimes, when remote control access is granted, the connection is incredibly slow and ruins the entire training session.


5. Overall, these issues are very frequent (at least once a day, one of my colleagues is reporting issues with GTT) but inconsistent with who they happen to (a single trainer may not have any issues one day, but have several the next) but each of our trainers have experienced issues since this update was released.


We hope these issues can be addressed ASAP. These issues are affecting our clients' learning experiences.

GoTo Manager

Re: More Issues with new GTT experience

Hi @MuniSoft, welcome to the community.


I apologize for any frustration. I would recommend directing your organizers to call our toll-free support when they are having (or right after) an issue starting a training session etc so one of our support reps can troubleshoot while it is happening. This would also allow support to gather the session IDs so we can review internal logs and possibly identify the cause.   


I believe the team is already aware of the request for an attendee to be able to Request Control be given to them.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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