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No Names with cameras on - not good

I can see the student names in my sessions only when the student's camera is not on. When a student turns on the camera their name disappears and the only way to see the student name is to hover over the student's picture. This is very bad for a classroom session where the teacher calls on students to answer questions. I was told that "we have too many cameras" but our response is two fold and simple: 1. We are using your product as it was sold and 2. Zoom does not have this issue. HELP PLEASE!

GoTo Manager

Re: No Names with cameras on - not good

Hi @MCIEF, welcome to the community.


Thank you for reporting this, the team has been made aware. We stop displaying the name when the webcams are smaller so that the attendee's face remains visible.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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