Add support for more languages.

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Add support for more languages.

Add support for more languages.

The invitations look "funny" when some of the text is in English...

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Change inrerface language for Organiser and Attendees to Russian.

Hello I need to change interface language for me (organiser) and for my attendees to Russian. I also want that when attendees connect to my webinars they always automatically use Russian interface. How can I do it ?
GoTo Manager
Hi, unfortunately at this time we do not have support for Russian.

Jennifer Jackso
New Member
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Attendees booted out 30 minutes into a meeting.

30 minutes into a meeting suddenly nobody could see my screen. It showed on their screens " waiting for (organizer's name) to start the meeting. I ended up having to create a new meeting which the attendees also had issues joining. This is not the first time this has happened, and no other meetings were scheduled during the time of this meeting.
Charlie Rozenta
New Member
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled More Webinar languages required.

When scheduling a GoToWebinar, there are only a few Webinar languages available (Deutch to 简体中文). How can I get others?
GoTo Manager
System Glitch

Please reference the new conversation here: Attendees disconnected from my meeting
Valeria Chepel
New Member
Hi Glenn,
could you tell me ASAP if possible, do u support a Serbian language for the platform interface?
Thank u
GoTo Manager
Hi Valeria,

I'm sorry but we do not have support for Serbian at this time. The supported languages can be seen here

Kirsty Fossenge
Active Contributor

We too see the need for having our languange (Norwegian) listed as an option. As in previous comments the emails look unprofessional with mixed languages, having sections where we've added our own text in the editable fields and the rest appears in English.


Could you please share with us your planned roadmap for which languages we can expect in the near future? How do you plan which languages are added?

Everything else is great, but this a huge minus in the solution. 

Brenda Dentinge
New Contributor

Hi, we are running a French webinar nd I'd like to have the LP fields in French as well as the auto-emails. Is this possible? Is there a setting for one specific webinar? The rest are in English. Thanks!

Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Brenda,


Language settings are set universally for your account within your account settings.  Unfortunately this would not be able to be changed just for one specific webinar.  If the settings are changed on your account to French, then everything on your account and everything that it does will be in French.


This is a great suggestion for an improvement in the future, but just not possible at this time.  Sorry about any inconvenience!