Add support for more languages.

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Add support for more languages.

Add support for more languages.

The invitations look "funny" when some of the text is in English...

Brenda Dentinge
New Contributor
thanks for letting me know.
Retired GoTo Contributor

@Brenda Dentinge Within the supported GoToWebinar languages, you may schedule individual sessions with specific languages, such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Portugese, Korean and Japanese.  Once scheduled, most of the website and email communications will default to the language you selected during the setup process.







New Member

I fully agree. The current situation is not acceptable. It is like providing only a Spanish version to the US clients.

Kirsty Fossenge
Active Contributor

Hi, what are the plans for further languages to be available? We are still waiting for Norwegian.

Kr, Kirsty

GoTo Moderator
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New Member

We offer various webinars for our cliets, world wide. However, we have a very loyal group of Dutch customers for our webinars and that's where we're facing a problem with GoTo.


There is no Dutch version of GoTo.Webinar... Just spoke to Customer Service and I was told to start a topic here. It would be wonderful to have this option introduced. What are the chances?


Thank you very much in advance.


Serg Dianov (

GoTo Moderator

@sdianov welcome to the GoTo Community. I've moved your suggestion to our idea board and this thread because it shares a similar request. While I don't know of plans to add Dutch in the immediate future, we will be certain to pass this information on to the team.